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The fruit stall in Paris.

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Getting back to art.

We had a busy time the last few months. We moved to a new town in France. Apart from all the work on the house, it also asks for a lot of organizing, schools, electricity, gas, and the list continues.
When you’re busy with everyday life, art is shifted to the side… Maybe not the right thing to do.

After the long summer holiday, the kids went back to school this week and the house had received enough work to make it ‘livable’, so it’s time for me to see if I can  do any art still? : )
Difficult to get going again, but I know that you just have to start. One line leads to another…
I’ve also put up my name for an art class that starts next week. That is another reason why I got myself to do something today. I can’t get to the class and do not even know how to hold a brush! : )

Two quick sketches in my sketchbook…

The village, Beynes, where we now stay… close to Paris.

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House sketches

We visited the picturesque village Collonges-la-Rouge last weekend. The village is listed as one of France’s most beautiful villages. When you walk around there you can see why… the entire village is build with red sandstone.
I didn’t sit and paint there in the village as many other painters were doing. These sketches I made from photographs at home.

the red walls…


watercolour and pen in sketchbook

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26 January 2010

Caledon Spa gardens…

In South Africa when you say 2010 everyone thinks…  Soccer world cup! But then you do get some of us who has no clue about soccer, so the year is important to us for different reasons. For me and Danie 2010 is our 25th wedding anniversary. And that is today.

25 Years ago Danie excitedly plan our first two nights stay at Caledon Spa. He remembered going there as a six-year-old boy and how wonderful it was. Well, what impress you at six years old, is a bit different at 21 years old…

our room then…

But, in spite of the pinecones falling on the tin roof all night, the smell of the place… and the four bunk beds, we still have good memories of our first holiday together. We did however not stay the two days and left the next morning for Swellendam…
For our 25th Danie took me back to Caledon Spa.  No, we did not stay in a yellow ‘roadworkers hut”. The new   Caledon Spa Hotel was build on that same spot. Four star luxury.

the new room…

What made it even more special is that I had no idea of his plans. The first I heard, was on Friday afternoon when I was told to pack my bags! My sister ‘was in the neighbourhood’ and stopped for tea. She was actually there to look after the children till Saturday. And take them to ballet, tennis, gymnastics, kids and youth at church and tumbling!… Dankie Lielie!

Then Franci went to Caitlyn, Thanks Sharon and Peter!
Mandi went to Tiffany, Thanks Norma and Hans!
Jaco and Pieter went to Jason, Thanks Robert and Theresa!

Cheryn swapped with me for duties at church on Sunday. I thought that was because she was busy. Thanks Cheryn! Val didn’t even say a word when I signed up for the ladies picnic on Saturday. And so everyone knew, except me!

A wonderful, special surprise!! Dankie Danie!

the end of a wonderful weekend…


..and see what Rita said about us on Bold&Italics.

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The red warning flag was up today and no paddle-boats were allowed on the lake!

waiting for the wind to stop…




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