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Getting back to art.

We had a busy time the last few months. We moved to a new town in France. Apart from all the work on the house, it also asks for a lot of organizing, schools, electricity, gas, and the list continues.
When you’re busy with everyday life, art is shifted to the side… Maybe not the right thing to do.

After the long summer holiday, the kids went back to school this week and the house had received enough work to make it ‘livable’, so it’s time for me to see if I can  do any art still? : )
Difficult to get going again, but I know that you just have to start. One line leads to another…
I’ve also put up my name for an art class that starts next week. That is another reason why I got myself to do something today. I can’t get to the class and do not even know how to hold a brush! : )

Two quick sketches in my sketchbook…

The village, Beynes, where we now stay… close to Paris.

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Camel Thorn…

My plan was to do something to combine Koegas and Paris (If its possible?… and just for fun, anyway…  : )  And for those who don’t know, its the name of my other blog. And if it still doesn’t make sense then… its ok, just enjoy the empty tree… or maybe go read my other blog.  : )  Koegas To Paris.  You probably still won’t understand, because I’m sure you have never heard about Koegas. And that is also not strange as this little town was very small and does not exist any more.

But then I liked my tree and was too scared to spoil it. In the next picture the Eiffel towers were added on a copy of the original sketch. Just to see if it looks like I had fun…

hmmm… maybe, or maybe not…

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Kirstenbosch, a protea and an exhibition

Two weeks ago we had a picnic in Kirstenbosch botanical gardens. Driving from this side of Cape Town, we were surprised on that side with really cold misty weather. We used the picnic blankets around us and not under us… But we had a walk to find the proteas. Only a few left-overs, it’s not their flowering season now.

And yesterday we went to Kirstenbosch to attend an exhibition opening. The SASA merit exhibition. And I met my blogfriend Stephen Quirke after two years of visiting each others blogs! That was nice. He was one of the invited artists for the exhibition. Well done Stephen!

This sketch was bought by a company to be used on a label.

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Art class in Toronto

Yesterday I attended Barry Coomb’s art class… yes, that’s in Toronto… But thanks to the blog-world I could do it here in Cape Town. I invited myself and didn’t pay for the class, so I hope it is fine. : )
Read more about Barry here.
I tried the class about cubism. My art knowledge actually only consists of ‘I like a painting or not’ or ‘the colours are nice or not’, so I don’t know if I understood the whole cubism idea very good, but I really had fun doing this sketch.
So thanks Barry and I would like to attend the ‘critique’ as well…
Here is Barry’s post.

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Professors, small towns and quiver trees

This week our family had a proud moment when my sister gave her inaugural lecture as a new professor at Stellenbosch University.

We grew up in a very small town with the name of Koegas. Not many people will know it, as the town does not exist any more! In 1978 the asbestos mine closed and everyone moved away. The town was build on both sides of the Orange River in the Northern Cape. One side was called Koegasbrug and the other side, Westerberg and together it made Koegas.
Because it was so small, everyone knew everyone.  All kids went to the primary school with four classrooms and four teachers. And this week I saw how a small town make people feel ‘part of each other’. For the Koegas people it was ‘one of us’ who became professor! Facebook was busy with all the nice comments!

And then, if you grew up in Koegas you will know kokerbome (quiver trees). Its the area with the most quiver trees!


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