Mixing apples and sketching.

 and some sketchbook sketches…

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The fruit stall in Paris.

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These trees grow in the dry areas of Southern Africa. The latin name is boscia albitrunca and if I translate the afrikaans name, ‘witgatboom‘, to english, it literally means a tree with a white bottom : )  A good name for these trees, as their trunks are white, of course. What makes them so beautiful, are their trunks that bend and turn and have the nicest forms.

I promised a friend I will draw him a witgatboom. Now I have learned that they are quite tricky to draw. With their strange forms, people could think that your lines are just crooked and skew. : )

here are two I’ve tried…

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Camel Thorn…

My plan was to do something to combine Koegas and Paris (If its possible?… and just for fun, anyway…  : )  And for those who don’t know, its the name of my other blog. And if it still doesn’t make sense then… its ok, just enjoy the empty tree… or maybe go read my other blog.  : )  Koegas To Paris.  You probably still won’t understand, because I’m sure you have never heard about Koegas. And that is also not strange as this little town was very small and does not exist any more.

But then I liked my tree and was too scared to spoil it. In the next picture the Eiffel towers were added on a copy of the original sketch. Just to see if it looks like I had fun…

hmmm… maybe, or maybe not…

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Autumn in black ink

Here in France, autumn is just beautiful. At first I was searching for yellow and orange spots, now that is all you see. Autumn colours with a bit of green in between.
To say these are autumn sketches won’t make much sense. : ) Surely you need the colours! But they are… maybe I must do a painting as well.

the colours…

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