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oil on stretched canvas  20 x 20 cm

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The french art class

To join a new art class is always a bit difficult. Even if you do it in your own country and your own language. You never know what to bring. You arrive with your whole oil painting kit and then you actually needed just a pencil and paper. Well, I joined an art class here in Beynes in October. Now its even more complicated, because my french is so bad.  That was part of the reason to go to this class, to get to know people and learn french. That I will have to do quickly. I always hope I understood the teacher correctly, and don’t paint blue when he said green. : )

But, one can always learn more from art people, even if they only speak french. I have never done a wood scene before. I’ve used this same photograph (taken in Cergy) before for a pen sketch, but using oils was a different story.  I started wrong and had to cover some mistakes. Yesterday I said to the teacher that I have to finish this now, after three months I’m now tired of this painting. In french of course… : )
And of course when I told this to my family, my daughter Mandi asked: ‘So exactly how did you say this in french?’ Ok, I said it’s been too long, not that I’m tired. I didn’t know the words. The main thing… I think my painting came out better than my french. : )


done in oil on stretched linen

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Getting back to art.

We had a busy time the last few months. We moved to a new town in France. Apart from all the work on the house, it also asks for a lot of organizing, schools, electricity, gas, and the list continues.
When you’re busy with everyday life, art is shifted to the side… Maybe not the right thing to do.

After the long summer holiday, the kids went back to school this week and the house had received enough work to make it ‘livable’, so it’s time for me to see if I can  do any art still? : )
Difficult to get going again, but I know that you just have to start. One line leads to another…
I’ve also put up my name for an art class that starts next week. That is another reason why I got myself to do something today. I can’t get to the class and do not even know how to hold a brush! : )

Two quick sketches in my sketchbook…

The village, Beynes, where we now stay… close to Paris.

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Winter trees

The one thing that amazes me the most in France is the complete difference between seasons. This probably makes no sense to many of you, but we have such mild temperatures in South Africa that nature almost looks the same no matter what season it is.
Now I have photographs of more greens and flowers I have ever seen… and of beautiful autumn colours… and even snowy landscapes with winter trees. Then we haven’t even mentioned the temperatures here in Europe. I can not imagine that it can be warm again, or even that it was warm before. : )

winter trees… and snow!

oil on canvas board 25.5×51 cm

…all the seasons, just waiting for spring…

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Autumn leaves and winter trees

We are right in the middle of winter, but I only finished my leaves painting this week-end.

oil paints on canvas panel board (50 x 40 cm)

… then you remember how beautiful it was

but the winter trees are beautiful too… they just ask for pen sketches.

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