The South African protea from Kirstenbosch



oil on canvas – 20 x 20 cm


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Powder pastels and Monet

A friend and I visited the musée Marmottan on Wednesday. That happened after a lovely lunch at the musée Jacquemart-André. Well, after all the art we saw there we were all inspired to take up our brushes and become really good. I have to admit after seeing works of old masters you actually want to stop… how can anyone paint so perfect and precise!

The musée Marmottan houses the largest collection of Claude Monet’s works. Many of his Nymphéas, although some of them we thought that he was just trying out something, or making a pre-sketch. So, at least there were some works that had us wondering if we aren’t actually a bit better than some of the famous people. (This is said with a smile and a wink. : ) We just need the name! : )

I received a small box of soft pastels from my sister a few years ago, and have not really gotten into that. I have always admired the works done in soft pastels by South-African artist, Hanneke Benade. Inspired by her and the really good works we saw and the not so good works we saw, I got into my pastels. : ) … to just have a bit of fun and not create a really good work. : )

my pastel ‘work’ on normal printer paper… : )


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Little pictures


oil on stretched canvas  20 x 20 cm

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Getting back to art.

We had a busy time the last few months. We moved to a new town in France. Apart from all the work on the house, it also asks for a lot of organizing, schools, electricity, gas, and the list continues.
When you’re busy with everyday life, art is shifted to the side… Maybe not the right thing to do.

After the long summer holiday, the kids went back to school this week and the house had received enough work to make it ‘livable’, so it’s time for me to see if I can  do any art still? : )
Difficult to get going again, but I know that you just have to start. One line leads to another…
I’ve also put up my name for an art class that starts next week. That is another reason why I got myself to do something today. I can’t get to the class and do not even know how to hold a brush! : )

Two quick sketches in my sketchbook…

The village, Beynes, where we now stay… close to Paris.

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Kirstenbosch, a protea and an exhibition

Two weeks ago we had a picnic in Kirstenbosch botanical gardens. Driving from this side of Cape Town, we were surprised on that side with really cold misty weather. We used the picnic blankets around us and not under us… But we had a walk to find the proteas. Only a few left-overs, it’s not their flowering season now.

And yesterday we went to Kirstenbosch to attend an exhibition opening. The SASA merit exhibition. And I met my blogfriend Stephen Quirke after two years of visiting each others blogs! That was nice. He was one of the invited artists for the exhibition. Well done Stephen!

This sketch was bought by a company to be used on a label.

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