Old charcoal sketches

I was sorting some shelves yesterday and found these charcoal sketches. They all come from my art classes at Bellville art center a few years ago. You had to finish a certain amount of pencil sketches (mostly shells) and then you moved on to charcoal.

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For Frank and Arlene



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Last Thursday was an exciting day in the life of our church. We had the launch of our worship team’s first CD. A red carpet event, with VIP’s from the media,  distributors and more.

I wanted to do something for the blog, unfortunately my camera’s batteries went flat on the night.  I found pictures of the guys on their MySpace site. LinkWay Not the clearest photographs to work from.  I’ve been drawing people now for two weeks (or tried) and this one was my last attempt.  My children still think it looks like someone else (I have to agree).

It is not easy to draw people you know well. It bothers you so much if  it is not perfect. And you know something is not right and you can’t find the problem. Sometimes you just move an eye a millimeter  and it is a different face.

talented young men…


done in charcoal

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Groot Constantia

We went for a picnic at Groot Constantia. A lovely day spend with friends, sitting in the shade of big oak trees. We had a soccer match! And we walked around the beautiful gardens with our cameras like pro photographers.

I had to read a bit about Mr. Simon van der Stel, the original owner of the grounds. He was born in 1639, on a ship! his parents were on their way to Batavia from Mauritius.
He married Johanna Jacoba Six in 1663. But.. the quick tempered van der Stel did not get on with his wife, so his sister in law, Cornelia Six, accompanied him and his children to the Cape of Good Hope!
He founded Stellenbosch within a month of being in the Cape and in 1685 van der Stel received title to 891 morgen (about 2461 ha) ‘situated behind Table Mountain near the Steenberg’.
Today the entire estate is a national heritage and fully operational farm. The oldest wine farm in South Africa.

The Manor house (done in charcoal)


…and the soccer game


where did that ball go?


 grootconstantia2 grootconstantia3



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