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Little windows

when it was still summer…



oil on canvas – 20 x 20 cm

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The french art class

To join a new art class is always a bit difficult. Even if you do it in your own country and your own language. You never know what to bring. You arrive with your whole oil painting kit and then you actually needed just a pencil and paper. Well, I joined an art class here in Beynes in October. Now its even more complicated, because my french is so bad.  That was part of the reason to go to this class, to get to know people and learn french. That I will have to do quickly. I always hope I understood the teacher correctly, and don’t paint blue when he said green. : )

But, one can always learn more from art people, even if they only speak french. I have never done a wood scene before. I’ve used this same photograph (taken in Cergy) before for a pen sketch, but using oils was a different story.  I started wrong and had to cover some mistakes. Yesterday I said to the teacher that I have to finish this now, after three months I’m now tired of this painting. In french of course… : )
And of course when I told this to my family, my daughter Mandi asked: ‘So exactly how did you say this in french?’ Ok, I said it’s been too long, not that I’m tired. I didn’t know the words. The main thing… I think my painting came out better than my french. : )


done in oil on stretched linen

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