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Kirstenbosch, a protea and an exhibition

Two weeks ago we had a picnic in Kirstenbosch botanical gardens. Driving from this side of Cape Town, we were surprised on that side with really cold misty weather. We used the picnic blankets around us and not under us… But we had a walk to find the proteas. Only a few left-overs, it’s not their flowering season now.

And yesterday we went to Kirstenbosch to attend an exhibition opening. The SASA merit exhibition. And I met my blogfriend Stephen Quirke after two years of visiting each others blogs! That was nice. He was one of the invited artists for the exhibition. Well done Stephen!

This sketch was bought by a company to be used on a label.

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Little music blocks

I did these paintings after the drawing of the previous post. Each block is part of the drawing.

Well, I don’t think this falls under cubism any more. I will try that again later.

the final blocks…

15 x 15cm   oil on board

and here’s the process..

…after the first layer…

…after the second layer…

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Art class in Toronto

Yesterday I attended Barry Coomb’s art class… yes, that’s in Toronto… But thanks to the blog-world I could do it here in Cape Town. I invited myself and didn’t pay for the class, so I hope it is fine. : )
Read more about Barry here.
I tried the class about cubism. My art knowledge actually only consists of ‘I like a painting or not’ or ‘the colours are nice or not’, so I don’t know if I understood the whole cubism idea very good, but I really had fun doing this sketch.
So thanks Barry and I would like to attend the ‘critique’ as well…
Here is Barry’s post.

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No serious art, just for fun…

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