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A new look

Well, after two and a half years I thought it was time for a change. A new theme, a new colour, a new header!
It is strange that I’ve kept the blog the same for so long, that’s not the way it works in our house… We often move furniture around. Danie like to tell people that he comes home from work and rooms are swapped!
Well, the changing part is not so nice. Moving, and thinking where to put things. Paint walls / choose a background colour… what colour should I use…
But, to sit back and look at your changes… that’s the nice part!

a basket for the new look…

pen in sketchbook

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Sketches after Christmas



Christmas 2010

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A wonderful Christmas to you all!

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Ostriches… or ducks?

We were on our way to Calitzdorp Spa, when a farmer came from the front with his ostriches. We had to stop and wait for them to pass us. Ostriches all around us. The rest of this story was…
Because we drove on the road that they had just used, our car had such a smell by the time we reached the spa… nobody felt like dinner.

Calitzdorp spa is a beautiful place. The water comes from natural hot water springs and to be there in winter is just wonderful. The best is when you go to the pools early morning, you have to run over the frosted grass to jump into the water!

The story of the ink blotch is this… My rotring pen broke, started to crack where it turns. So I thought this time I will try a Faber-Castell drawing pen, I wasn’t sure that the rotring pen will last this time and Faber-Castell is cheaper. I filled it with ink and then the shaking started. Get one little line and then it is dry again. Added more ink, spilled it over everything and almost broke this pen myself! And Danie said: “See, its because you bought a cheap pen.” (I could still buy ten fineliners for that same amount!)

Well, I did get it going… after rinsing the nib for five minutes under the tap and all my fingers were black. Now it is actually a nice pen, but my ostriches look like…

… ducks wearing tutu’s with very funny legs.

Calitzdorp Spa



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Professors, small towns and quiver trees

This week our family had a proud moment when my sister gave her inaugural lecture as a new professor at Stellenbosch University.

We grew up in a very small town with the name of Koegas. Not many people will know it, as the town does not exist any more! In 1978 the asbestos mine closed and everyone moved away. The town was build on both sides of the Orange River in the Northern Cape. One side was called Koegasbrug and the other side, Westerberg and together it made Koegas.
Because it was so small, everyone knew everyone.  All kids went to the primary school with four classrooms and four teachers. And this week I saw how a small town make people feel ‘part of each other’. For the Koegas people it was ‘one of us’ who became professor! Facebook was busy with all the nice comments!

And then, if you grew up in Koegas you will know kokerbome (quiver trees). Its the area with the most quiver trees!


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