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To copyright or not to copyright..

I sometimes wonder about our art just floating here in cyberspace for anyone to see. All of us ‘google’ pictures! These two sketches I made from photos I found via google…
It has happened that someone used my painting to ‘decorate’ her blog. I felt flattered. I saw it in the referrers. She gave credit to me, with a link to my blog. That’s good..  Or friends using something because they like it. That’s very nice.

Well, the other day I saw a link to me from ‘…FreeColouringPages…’  I was curious and had to click on that link. And there sit my pen ‘art‘ for anyone to download as free colouring pages. I could only smile… my ‘art‘ in a colouring book!! I hope the people using it can colour nicely!   he.. he…




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and then…

and then.

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A painting for someone you don’t know

Our youth at church are going to Summercamp in December. On Saturday evening they hosted a talent concert to raise funds. ..and are they talented!! I offered to make them a painting to ‘raffle’ or something to make money with.

This was difficult. Now you wonder what kind of painting would ‘other people’ like. I learned something with this painting. You should paint what you like and then it will be good… and people will like it too. But, it worked out ok, even if it was my first flowers painting.

arum lilies…

more detail…

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