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Palmtree trunk


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I missed a week with my sketches. Today I did two quick ones. Definitely not the best works of art, but I must post them. Promised myself…


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World-cup-final sketch

No, this really has got nothing to do with soccer, but this is how I watched soccer.. with a sketchbook and pen. When you hear something exciting has happened, you can just look at the replay!
Well, now everything is back to normal again. Our five week soccer holidays are over. I wonder when I will sketch?!


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Flowers in a pot

This was really a quick sketch. The picture even came from a magazine. Done with a uni-pin fineliner.

coffee pot…

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De Doorns

We drove through De Doorns about two weeks ago on our way to Montague. We took a detour to see the snow. The mountain peaks were covered with snow… which I couldn’t really show with a pen sketch. We saw the last bit of De Doorns’ autumn beauty. Some vineyards were still dressed in their autumn colours.

The De Doorns valley…

vineyards and mountains…

snow in South Africa…

with children who are not used to snow….

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