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Old gate

journal sketch…

done with rotring pen

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Week 3

“The critic who starts with himself, will have no time to take on outside contracts.”

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Socca Feva!!

Yep, I have to admit it. It is true… I now watch soccer… I am actually getting excited about soccer…
No, not really… Perhaps a bit… Yes, we do watch soccer now!

… but if you get bored, just sit and scribble…

I said: “Who can watch soccer, nothing happens for 90 minutes.” Now I’ve changed my mind. A whole lot happens… apart from soccer. Those players can act! They fall over nothing and fly through the air. Then they roll around showing their pain… get up and run off as fit as before. One afrikaans commentator called them ‘Prima Donnas!’

No, we don’t go to a game, it is way too cold now. That’s also why watching soccer is good at this time. When the fire is burning, you rather stay there in the heat.


It is the coldest its been in years. People must freeze on the stadiums. The soccer slogan is: ‘Feel it, it is here’. Now they say: ‘Feel it, it is cold.’

But we do feel proud. The stadiums look beautiful and its going well with the soccer world cup. We will miss all the flags waving on and from everything. People selling all the colours at the robots.


a hospital in Bellville… with SA colours…

I am sure my new interest will only last till the whistle blows at the finals in July. But for now we also have socca feva! One last thing to admit… We still don’t have a vuvuzela in the house, and hopefully never will. : )

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Second sketch

I did the sketch this afternoon while watching Bafana Bafana play (only gave it a glimpse here and there).

There are so much excitement here about the world cup, so even if you’re not interested at all (like me), you have to watch. There are flags everywhere, vuvuzelas blowing and everyone is wearing yellow shirts! There is a game on now. That I know from the buzzing sound (that’s vuvuzelas!) coming from the TV.

done with rotring pen

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Different people.

This morning, while I was drinking my tea in bed I thought of how we are different.  Some people love the feel of soil and are wonderful gardeners, while others hate gardening for the exact opposite reason. They can’t handle soil on their fingers!

Some are performers and some love to be entertained. Some sing, some listen….
Some are excellent with words and some of us just can’t think of what to say! You see, if I could write, I would have an excuse to buy the beautiful journals I see in bookshops.
But that is the mistake we make. We are so busy envying other people for their talents and trying to be like them, that we don’t see our own talents God gave us.
Max Lucado wrote a very good book ( his wonderful talent, writing…). “Living in your sweet spot.” That’s where you’ll be when you use your talents.
Well, I have to be more disciplined and draw more…
But then I remembered that I have actually filled about five journals … with my sermon notes on Sundays. And I enjoy paging through them… Then I made the decision to make a sketch every week in my journal before the next Sunday. And this was the first one.

Droë Kameeldoringboom…

done with rotring pen on paper

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