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Another birthday

Tomorrow is my mother’s birthday. Geluk Ma!!

People allways ask from who did you inherit your talents? But my mother turns it around. She says that if her children have artistic talents, she must be artistic too!

I think we all did inherit our creativity from my mother, just in the fact that we were allowed to do things. There were always paper, glue, material, wool, etc. available to try out your new idea. Our house was not too neat that messing was not allowed. I do remember that my father once spilled indian ink on a yellow carpet. Then he just took all the colours he had and covered the whole carpet with different coloured stains!

My mother’s passion is weaving. Here is one of her artworks that hangs in my house.


This painting I made for my mother for her 70th birthday, a few years ago. Me and my sisters in the painting, many years ago!

all dressed up…


oil on canvas

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Cloth and food

I allways need reference to do a painting. For these paintings of cloth, I was looking for a piece of satin. With satin you see the shades and folds the best. The only satin I could find in my house was my 9 year old daughter’s pajama pants!

So I had this still life set up… The pants draped around a tomato, an egg and then a lemon…
My children were a bit shocked in my  subject.

”’Franci’s pajamas with a tomato on it!!”







 oil on canvas   (25 x 25cm)

These paintings were bought by a lovely lady who is an art ambassadress and collector of arts  on my etsy shop. I feel honored that it will hang in her house.

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