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We have wonderful friends who moved to Europe 16 years ago.  Needless to say that we only saw them about 6  times over the years.  Each time the children were older and in a new phase. At least keeping contact is easier now with emails.  Sixteen years ago we still mailed letters. With the BY AIRMAIL/PER LUGPOS  sticker on the envelope.

In 2003 they visited us in Yzerfontein and we spend a lovely day in Paternoster.  I painted this picture of Marike (then 10 years old) building her name with shells in the sand.

Today Marike turned 16.  Where they now live in Australia it is already tomorrow.

Happy Birthday Marike!



oil on canvas

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For Frank and Arlene



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Ice Skating

We went ice skating. No, I don’t join them, only the kids are on the ice! I go for the coffee and cinnamon doughnut.  While sitting there I watched everyone go round and round. I found that you can divide them into groups.

You get the really good ones, they just glide in circles. Sometimes even with their hands in their pockets, no effort there. I saw that the more someone struggles to stay up straight, the wider their arms fly around them. That is what I would look like if I would try! Then you get some that just never leave the sides. They just go slowly around, never letting go. Perhaps this would be me!

The really good ones, I could’nt sketch, they were too fast! The falls I also did’nt get. The strugglers jump up so quickly, hoping no one saw them. And the gliders fall so gracefully and just glide up again without effort, that it is also too fast too draw.

All from the back. In front of me they took the turn and then glided away.



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