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Last Thursday was an exciting day in the life of our church. We had the launch of our worship team’s first CD. A red carpet event, with VIP’s from the media,  distributors and more.

I wanted to do something for the blog, unfortunately my camera’s batteries went flat on the night.  I found pictures of the guys on their MySpace site. LinkWay Not the clearest photographs to work from.  I’ve been drawing people now for two weeks (or tried) and this one was my last attempt.  My children still think it looks like someone else (I have to agree).

It is not easy to draw people you know well. It bothers you so much if  it is not perfect. And you know something is not right and you can’t find the problem. Sometimes you just move an eye a millimeter  and it is a different face.

talented young men…


done in charcoal

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The colours of stones

Somebody reminded me again of the beautiful colours of stones (or rocks).
This painting I did a while back, but still like because of the rich colours.

only stones…


oil on canvas 30×30 cm

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Last week I attended an etching class.  First time ever! Not the greatest works of art, but it is really exciting to lift your first print from the press.




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