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Under my vine trellis

Everyone needs a place where you can sit in the shade of green leaves. Even the doves love this trellis.

The new babies ready to leave the nest.


The table waiting for teatime.


 Done with Rotring pen and watercolours.

The first new leaves in spring.


Done with Rotring pen.

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A friend invited me for tea on Friday. She had a beautiful Amaryllis growing in a pot. I still wanted to take a photo, but she said: “No, I am going to give it to you!” And just like that she cut them off and I left with these beautiful, large flowers in my car. So I made sketches.

The first one I did with Rotring pen.

The next one was done with WaterColour pencils (but without water..)


Then I tried to do a quick sketch and not to put in too much detail.


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Butterflies and Hands

This “scribble” I did in an art class probably four years ago. It was a line exercise in light and dark contrast, done in pencil. And later I used the same idea on a hand. That is how the “butterfly hands” was created, also in pencil.


Lines and lines that form caterpillars and flowers…

set them free..


rotring pen on paper

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