The Eiffel Tower’s dream

Le Géant des Beaux Arts is a wonderful, really big art shop in Paris. They have a monthly art competition on their Facebook page. For November  the theme is ‘rêve’, dream.

This was what I came up with. Everyone dreams of visiting Paris, and maybe the Eiffel Tower is dreaming of seeing the world. : ) How would we know…
It’s not a great piece of art, only a fun project, with which I will most probably not win the box of pens. : ) I’ll just go buy it myself.

The dream…
Pen and felt pens.




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Earth quote

Pen sketch, maybe typography, don’t really know what to call this. I was only trying something new. I did not plan the picture. Only started with the tulips, and then found the quote, which I thought could go with the picture. Really working the wrong way round.

After more than a few hours with my pens, on A2 paper.

Earth1 2 3 4 6 7 8 9 Next I want to try some real typography.

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Pen landscape

IMG_7068 IMG_7070 IMG_7071 IMG_7072

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The digital protea

Putting the brushes away for a while and trying some digital art.  It’s still art, and just as much work, or effort, to finish. : )

Vector drawing – Illustrator

The nice part of digital art, is that you can create one picture and then with a bit of ‘cutting and ‘pasting’ create many more with very little effort.

Even a bunch or flowers, just like that…
Protea with background small

Seamless repeating pattern.
Protea pattern small

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The swiss barn

Oil on stretched linen 38 x 46 cm

The swiss barn oil painting

Swiss barn oil painting

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